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Sam Harris: The View From The End Of The World
Sam Harris talks about the importance of openly debating and discussing religious views as the most important means to affect a positive impact on the world. Considering all of the ways in which religion negatively affects us, if we could change our religious beliefs, it would have the most far-reaching impact on humanity of anything we could do. He posits that religious moderation is a roadblock to progress, and recommends reason and intellectual honesty as the best guide for religious discussion.

"Whatever is true spiritually and ethically about our circumstance...there is no doubt there are spiritual truths...there are spiritual experiences human beings can have...and there are ethical truths. Whatever is true about that has to transcend culture; it has to transcend our cultural differences. There's a reason why we don't talk about Christian physics and Muslim mathematics. It's because an experiment run here and in Bagdad actually works in both places if it's teasing out something fundamental about the nature of the universe. That is true ethically; that is true spiritually." -- Sam Harris


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